IESCO New Connection Fee 2024, Application Form Online, Demand Notice

The connection of electricity is a must need to get it at home or office. Yes, you are an owner of a property and need a meter connection then here is complete info about the IESCO new connection fee 2024 with application form online and about the demand notice. You have to pursue the procedures and get your new meter connection easily. Especially, there is a proper system of it plan by the Islamabad Electric Supply Company that every applicant can attain in shortest time. So, only complete the documents with the connection application form and submit it to the authority for next process.

IESCO New Connection Fee 2024

At first, fee of single phase is way less than the three phase connection. Secondly, distance of line which used for the new connection impact on it. On basic of these two stuffs, Iesco new connection fee 2024 is charging for submission of form and other.

IESCO Single Phase New Connection Fee

Line Distance (In Meters) Fee
20 PKR 8,500
20 to 30 PKR 10,500
30 to 40 PKR 11,500
More than 40 but less from 100 11,500 Plus 800 rupees on each meter when it cross limit of 40 meters
Greater than 100 but less from 160 60,000 Plus 1000 rupees on each meter when it cross limit of 100 meters

Then is,

IESCO Three Phase New Connection Fee

Line Length (In Meters) Fee
20 PKR 36,500
30 PKR 43,000
40 PKR 50,000
Upper then this Calculate Manually

Other process of:

IESCO New Connection Application Form Online:

Anyone is going to apply for a new meter connection with Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), then you must have to follow these steps;

Open the chrome, google or another browser and search the website where you got “New Connection” section. Maybe you find it under the “Customer Serves” or on the “Home Screen”.

  • Get the Form

By clicking on the “Online New Connection” you move to the ENC webpage. Go to the downloads sections and download the form.

Click here for Form

  • Fill Out the Form

After downloading the application form. Open it in editing mode using any software. All the fields must be fill correctly and completely. You may be ask for your details and the type of your meter connection, load and many more. Fill them properly.

  • Documents Attachment

After filling out the form, the next important step is to attach the required documents. All the supporting documents must be with it that may be including CNIC, ownership proof and all other documents that are specified by IESCO.

  • Application Submission

After the form filling and the documents attachment now you can submit your application. You can submit it online or visit the nearest Office and submit it by hand.

  • Follow Up

After the application submission, the IESCO team will review your application. If any need for verification or additional information then the team will contact, you and ask you to. Maybe it takes some time to actively check your application status.

  • Document Verification

When your application will accept and proceed successfully. Then all your documents are checked and verified too.

IESCO New Connection Demand Notice:

After the verification of your documents, a demand notice is send to you. It’s a legal document or a challan form that you receive when your application for a new meter connection is accepted.

  • Payment of Demand Notice

Now the final step is to pay the demand notice. After the payment of demand notice your new meter connection is installed at your place.

Request meter from them

Documents for IESCO Online New Connection:

You must have to submit the list of documents with the application. These documents are;

  • Applicant Attested CNIC that contains the Name, Postal Address and Permanent Address.
  • One must has a register mobile phone number.
  • Ownership proof of your place that may be a registry or transfer letter.
  • The power of attorney must be submitted by the owner. If a property has multiple owners, then the power of attorney must be submitted on behalf of all owners.
  • To apply for more than one phase meter then the applicant must have to submit copies of 2 witness ID Cards. But if the meter is single phase then no need for any witness ID card copies.
  • In case, meter is commercial or residential type, then no need for any witness. The consumer and witnesses must give the copies of tariff.

Applicant are advised to deposit a document that states that the property has no electric connection previously and no dues are pending. Later on, if they find any fee then the applicant must have to pay for IESCO new connection.  More, if the applicant is on rent on the area then the property owner must have to submit the no objection certificate. But if the owner is an applicant then no need of its submission.

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