IESCO Load Shedding Schedule 2023

When the electricity demand is not enough for the fulfilment of the user’s, then the load on the grid increase and become unstable. For the residents of this company, IESCO load shedding schedule in November 2023 is useful to arrange alternate on electricity off days. Some time shut down of light is a way of controlling the power supply shutdown. It is the best method for balancing the electricity demand and supply of a state. When the demand for electricity increases and at a time it exceeds the supply limit of the primary station. At that time load shedding is best for balancing the electricity of the area.

IESCO Load Shedding Schedule November 2023

We use electricity in our homes and its absence occurs many disturbances in our lives. We often think in month like November 2023, the IESCO load shedding schedule is reducing to maximum extent. In many of cases, this causes equipment damage and users have to live without electricity for a longer time. The time, iesco online is operating fine, user get better facilitation.


Date Duration Grid Station
6 and 8 November 7 Hours

Morning 9:00 to Evening 4:00

  PirWadhai (For Annual Maintenance)
7 and 9 Nov 7 and 2 Hours

Timing: 9 to 11 and in few areas 9 to 4

11 and 12 Nov 7 Hours Rawal
13 and 14 Nov 7 and 2 Hours Old Rawat
15 an 16 Nov 7 and 2 Hours H-11
18 Nov Also 7 hrs Zero Point

 Why Load Shedding Occurs?

Load Shedding occurs due to various reasons. Some of the reasons are the following;

  1. Due to extreme weather, the electricity lines may be affect.
  2. Unexpectedly damage to electricity equipment.
  3. The user’s demand exceeds the primary power station supply.
  4. Power plants are not capable of the generation of sufficient electricity.
  5. Doesn’t meet electricity limitations such as outdated or old infrastructure.
  6. The country or area faces a crisis of energy or electricity.

How to Reduce IESCO Load Shedding?

From last couple of year, load Shedding is a basic issue that can be reduce by saving electricity and doing the following things;

  • Don’t Practice theft of electricity

Electricity theft is a crime that many people commit. A strong action against such users is useful for saving electricity. By controlling this illegal activity, we can save up to 25% of electricity.

  • Reduce the use of Electricity

We can also save electricity and reduce load shedding by limiting electricity usage. If you are not using the lights and fans, then please switch them off carefully. Don’t waste electricity by plugging the unused appliances of electricity. Try to save as much electricity as you can.

  • Alternate or Renew your Energy Application

Now the solar system is also add and in use that is the best source of electricity production. This may produce by the solar radiation. Now this system is installed and used in various places like homes, offices, and private and educational institutes. We can also use it by installing it and reducing the grid load and load shedding.

  • Minimize the charging of Electric Devices

Now Electric Devices like mobiles, tabs and laptops are in use of everyone. We charge it 2 to 3 times a day and use it the whole day. Even every member of the family holds a mobile phone and every house has at least 2 laptops. So if we limit the usage of our electricity and charge it less then electricity can be saved.

  • Manage the Thermostat

The excess use of electricity can be controlled by maintaining the thermostat. For any electric appliances like a fridge, then reduce the thermostat to 2 degrees.

  • Shift to LED Lights

In using of bulbs or other lights then shift to LED Lights because these lights consume less electricity.

  • Reduce the Electric Appliances use

Equipment like microwave, water dispenser, television, grinding and washing machines at your home then limit their use. Also, try to buy power saving appliances.

for light status

Effects of Load Shedding on IESCO Users:

Load Shedding has various effects some of which are the following;

  1. Reduce the productivity.
  2. Interrupt the output of the factory.
  3. Interrupt the banking and laboratory services.
  4. Household activities are disturbed.
  5. Crime rate increases due to alarm system disability.

From years, IESCO Load Shedding Schedule came like in November 2023 and is a common issue that effect everyday routine and business too. Now you know all about it so try to adopt the best precautions and save electricity. In this way, you can also reduce the electricity.

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